I Broke It

19 Apr 2014

This may be the final installment of the “OS on USB series.” I broke the system again, somehow. I’m not exactly sure what happened; I’m pretty sure the drive itself is okay, but the OS is hosed, to the point that it would be easier to wipe it and start over.

I’m not going to do that though - It’s too easy to break this thing, and the performance can be annoying at times. I’ll need solutions to a few problems that the USB drive was addressing, but that will be a good excuse to play with more stupid ideas.

This is the second time I’ve wedged it in the < 6 months I’ve been using the system, and it hasn’t been uncommon for me to do things like pull the drive without shutting down first. This is probably a sign I should stop.

Having a good backup system in place has emboldened me to do somewhat crazy things with my machine; I have no intention of stopping now.