11 May 2014

So in two hours I’ll be on a train to Atlanta for the Openstack Summit. I am more excited about the train that the summit.

I’m sick of writing about things that aren’t code; I really like tagline for this blog, I don’t want to have to change it. No time to do anything in depth, so here’s a scatterbrained bullet list of stuff I’ve been up to/thinking about:

On that last point, I really dislike Openstack. People talk about it like it’s one thing, but it’s not. Setting it up is more akin to setting up a full LAMP stack, except that the path is much less well trodden, and it’s way, way more complicated.

Sigh. Working in something “Cloud” related involves deciphering a huge pile of pathologically misleading terminology. Some people will tell you that the word “cloud” doesn’t mean anything - outside of the meteorological sense, anyway. They’re right. There’s a thing that is what I actually do, and I don’t like calling it “cloud”. I think elastic computing might be a better term.

At this point I should put in a disclaimer about me having opinions of my own, and being able to say stuff without people thinking I’m doing it on the clock.

In any case, I actually do like what I do for work, and I think what we’re doing is meaningful and important and etc. Everything involves some degree of bullshit.

I don’t really like python either, but mostly because of things that aren’t very compelling arguments against using it. I don’t hate it either.

I will attempt to be more coherent next week, but no promises.