07 Sep 2014

So I’ve been missing blog posts off and on recently. I’ve decided to give this blog a more specific theme: me trying to learn to draw. I’m realizing I just don’t have something I want to write about every week, and when I try to do so I end up producing a lot of filler. I’ve also been slacking on the drawing thing, and I figure if I force myself to publish something every week, I’ll be more inclined to put some serious effort in - some of the drawings I’ve posted in the past are things I wasn’t terribly proud of. Anyhow, here’s this week’s sketch:

Another pencil drawing - a set of shaded squares at the top and
bottom, and a shading-heavy scene of a menacing-looking bird barring
down on an ant.

I’ve been practicing controlling the amount of pressure I apply when drawing. The squares are part of this exercise.