More Stupid Drawings

21 Sep 2014

So for anyone who isn’t aware, I’m involved in Iron Blogger. It serves to put some pressure on me to actually blog, which I appreciate (it should not be difficult to pinpoint the exact moment when I joined Iron Blogger by looking at the archives).

Anyhow, Friday we had a meetup/party thing for Iron Blogger. There was bowling and pizza and beer, and before the bowling people started drawing. I pulled out my phone and starting playing with Markers, and I came up with this:

A very scratchy drawing of some bird-like thing

Drawing on a phone-sized capacitive touchscreen with your finger is really hard. Anyway, I showed it to someone, and they drew this (with a pen):

a drawing of a dragon with the same head as previous scratchy-bird

And then I drew this:

a drawing of a snake/dragon hybrid with the same head as the previous two

Pens are a lot easier to draw with than phone-markers.