Iron Blogger 2 Status Update

28 Dec 2014

I’ve had less time to work on Iron Blogger 2 than I’d like, especially given how out of date this page is (September 1st?
really?) I hope to spend more time on it in the coming week – I’m off work until the Monday after New Year’s.

Here’s where it is right now: You can import bloggers from the format used by the old software, you can pull in new posts, and there’s a planet-like page where you can view the aggregated blogs. Here’s my current roadmap:

  1. Unit tests - particularly regarding input sanitization. Up until now I’ve been lazy about automated testing, but codebase is small enough that I should be able to fix that quickly.
  2. Actual ledger functionality. Should be able to record debts for missed posts, as well as what has been paid. The debts can be computed automatically based on presence/absence of posts with the right publication dates.
  3. Feed version of the aggregation page.
  4. Administrator tools:
    • Add/remove users/blogs more easily.
    • Forgive debts/backdate posts?

Once I’ve got (1) ready, I may put up a test deployment somewhere; it won’t be ready for us to switch to yet, but we can start playing with it.

The pages are fairly spartan right now – if someone who knows a bit about graphic design wants to help out with the templates/css, please let me know.