Iron Blogger 2 Status Update

25 Jan 2015

Work on Iron Blogger 2 has continued to move, albeit slowly – I’ve unfortunately found little time to work on it. A few highlights since the last update:

Maintainability is arguably the entire reason for this project, so I’m leaning more heavily on the side of “doing things right up front,” perhaps at the cost of timeliness of shipping the thing, more so than I normally would. Reaching a level of feature completeness that allows actual use is important, and given that we’re actually unable to use the old software now, it’s very tempting to plow ahead and get something quick and dirty working – but again, maintainability is a core requirement.

Other people should get involved! Let’s discuss ideas. If you know anything at all about graphic design, making the site look nice would be a much appreciated contribution as well. I’ve started putting tasks up on the github issue tracker as I think of them – grab one and do it!