A Major Milestone for Iron Blogger 2

02 May 2015

Development on Iron Blogger 2 has been sporadic at best. As of today though, I’ve made a pretty big chunk of progress: It now keeps track of all of the scoring-related information. It doesn’t currently report exact debts, but that will be easy to add.

It’s worth noting that some of us had a conversation on the bug tracker about possible adjustments to the rules, and the current implementation adheres to the adjusted version. Please comment on that issue if you have any thoughts, I’d like to hear them (especially from people who are participants in Iron Blogger).

As a reminder, the test instance is here. It’s still not syncing Livejournal. When we’re ready to go live I may have to move it if I can’t solve that problem; Damien’s posts aren’t showing up (which is especially unfair, since he’s one of our most active bloggers!)