Iron Blogger Reminder Emails

10 Jan 2016

Mostly just a brief status update this week: Iron Blogger will now send out emails on Friday, reminding participants about the impending deadline. I’ve been slacking on my promise to close at least one issue a week; sorry about that. The relevant issue hasn’t been closed yet, because I want to wait until next week to confirm that it is working correctly (it seems to be as far as I can test ahead of time).

The current implementation is a bit awkward, as it relies on cron to do the sending, so configuring it is a bit weird, and it precludes users ever being able to tweak when the notifications happen themselves. At some point we’ll want to adjust this. It seems possible to me that the cron approach won’t scale, but it also seems reasonable to believe that we can just have this in cron.minutely:

ironblogger do-background-tasks

…which would work out which things need to be done in a possibly more sophisticated fashion.

Sooner or later we may want something better, but it’s working.