30 Oct 2016

In the past, on the #sandstorm IRC channel on Freenode, I’ve floated the idea of an LD_PRELOAD library that would intercept certain libc calls and emulate them with the Sandstorm APIs. This would make porting some apps easier, since otherwise (for example) we’d need to do heavy patching of the networking code to get it to use Sandstorm’s networking API; the app runs in a namespace with just loopback, so calls to the socket API won’t be too useful.

Meanwhile, this weekend I’ve been having trouble focusing on much. I’ve managed not to completely lose track of paid work, but I’ve done less of it than I meant to, and less work on the personal projects I’d intended to work on as well. I’ve just spent the past couple hours on the above library, instead of whatever it was I’d planned on (I can’t even remember). What’s more, I’ve done more hacking on the build system than the actual library; I basically got sidetracked by the usual “why do all C build systems suck?” problem, and…

Yesterday I started hacking on haskell-capnp, which hadn’t been my plan, and spent an inordinate amount of time reading about monad transformers. I got relatively little done on that project as well.

I also moved this month, and a lot of my time has gone into wrangling that. The upshot is that I don’t have much to show for myself recently. Bleh.

My goal for next week is to (1) Do a reasonable amount of freelance/contract work, and (2) write a “look, I did this cool thing!” post. Which means needing to build something worth writing about. Hold me to it?