Cap'N Proto RPC Support For Haskell

30 Jan 2019

This past weekend I released version 0.4 of the Haskell Cap’N Proto implementation. There are a number of improvements, but the big ticket item is RPC support.

It’s a little rough around the edges, and has a couple gaps in the API that will be important for some use cases. But it’s enough to write a Sandstorm app. The package is available on Hackage and my GitHub account.

This is a personal milestone for me; I have a long history of being crap at sticking to one project long enough to finish it, and at some point I decided that that was a skill I was going to learn even if it killed me. This project became my white whale.

…and now I feel like I’ve ticked that box. RPC support was the thing that got me interested in Cap’n Proto the first place, so while it felt good to put out the initial serialization-only release, It didn’t feel like I could say “mission accomplished.” Now I can.

It took far more time than I care to think about. I’ll probably let the library sit for a month or so before I do much more work on it. Software is never done, so it will see more development. But it will be nice to be able to work on other things without feeling a little guilty.