Plug for Helianthia

16 Jan 2022

This week’s post is a plug for a new webcomic, authored by my partner Story; it’s a post-apocalyptic sci-fi setting, after sea levels have risen. It explores power dynamics between the rich and poor, human vulnerability, and has some solid fight scenes too! Check it out, and if you like it consider supporting the comic through Patreon as well.

Since this is mostly a technical/FOSS blog, and my readers might actually be interested:

Story makes the comic itself using Krita, with Inkscape for the lettering.

The site is generated with Hugo, plus a few custom scripts to generate the comic page navigation. It’s hosted on the same box as my own blog.

Hugo has been a bit awkward since it’s more oriented towards technical blogs, but we haven’t really found anything better. At first we looked at using Wordpress via Sandstorm’s static publishing, though rather than set up the TXT record I had nginx on this machine rigged up to proxy the site directly (with caching), which was easier to set up. But all this ended up being moot since Wordpress didn’t really meet Story’s needs for actually generating the site.

Anyway, the comic is good. Enjoy.