I spend what time I can on working on Free & Open Source software, with a focus on security and user autonomy. If you’d like to support my work, consider donating. I fill in the gaps with freelance gigs, but would do FOSS stuff full-time if I could.

These days the thrust of my development work relates to Sandstorm in some way, whether that’s working on the platform itself, writing and/or packaging apps, or working on related technologies like Cap’n Proto (I’m the primary author of the Haskell implementation, and have contributed to other implementations as well).

For a big chunk of 2019 I was experimenting with the design of Mule, a new programming language focused on fine-grained sandboxing, dynamic code loading, reliability, portability, relative simplicity and a high expressiveness to complexity ratio. I haven’t dropped it entirely, and continue to work on it here and there, but it’s taken a back seat to Sandstorm since the community became active again towards the end of that year.

I’m also the current maintainer of the simp_le ACME client.

If you browse my profiles on GitLab and GitHub, you’ll also find many small tools and experiments, as well as shiny project ideas that I got distracted from at one point or another.