Right now the thrust of my development work is going towards Sandstorm, which has (at the time of writing) recently started to come back to life. If you’d like to support my work on that, I have a GitHub Sponsors profile (or if you want to support my other work, but if so please also let me know so I can prioritize what my sponsors are actually interested in).

For a big chunk of 2019 I was experimenting with the design of Mule, a new programming language focused on fine-grained sandboxing, dynamic code loading, reliability, portability, relative simplicity and a high expressiveness to complexity ratio. I haven’t dropped it entirely, and want to continue working on it, but the recent activity around Sandstorm has taken precedence for now.

I’m also the primary author of the Haskell implementation of Cap’n Proto, and the current maintainer of the simp_le ACME client.

If you browse my profiles on GitLab and GitHub, you’ll also find many small tools and experiments, as well as shiny project ideas that I got distracted from.